Constantin Bodea

Majoritatea locatarilor din Ferentari au probleme cu ICRAL, deoarece plătesc chiria de mai bine de 20 de ani și totuși nu au nici o siguranță că azi-mâine vor fi evacuați datorită retrocedărilor. Acestea e și povestea tipului din imagine, care locuiește într-o clădire modernistă de la 1938, catalogată cu risc seismic unu, și situată în vecinătatea căilor ferate care conectau odată gara Filaret de fabricile din cartier și de orașul Giurgiu.

Most of the inhabitants of Ferentari neighborhood, in the South-Eastern area of Bucharest, have been paying rent to the ICRAL national agency for more than 20 years, however they have no security in their status as residents in their own home. This is partly due to the policy of returning buildings to their pervious owner, if in the past they had been forcibly taken over by the Communist regime from the rightful owner. Another side of the story is that the families thus kicked out on the streets cannot rely on any social housing, since this branch of local infrastructure has been overlooked for years by the authorities. Only recently, and due to public pressure, there appear to have been created several social housing spaces. This is the story of the man in this photo, the tenant of a 1930s modernist building, close to the now decrepit railway tracks that used to connect Filaret train station to the factories scattered around the area, and to the city of Giurgiu.