Stela şi Dana

Acum vreo două luni ne-am întâlnit cu Daniela Vlăsceanu, de la Centrul Comunitar Stela și Dana. Împreună cu Stela a deschis centrul comunitar pentru a îmbunătăți viața de zi cu zi în comunitatea Sălaj. Nu a fost ușor, dar au avut suficient curaj și creativitate să înfrunte eventualele obstacole. Sasha și Alexandra Scînteianu, Mihaela Drăgan, Asociația Paradaiz și Crina Marina sunt câțiva dintre prietenii care au vizitat cu ateliere, spectacole și activități căsuța de pe șoseaua Sălaj 286.



Around two months ago we met up with Daniela Vlăsceanu, of Stela și Dana Community Centre. Together with Stela, who has been active as a volunteer for more than 6 years in the field of harm reduction, they decided to open the space in order to improve life in Sălaj neighborhood, Bucharest. Situated in one of the notoriously dangerous areas of the city, Ferentari, the centre works with children and adults, organizing workshops, theatre plays and various creative activities. Through the joint effort of the likes of CaruselARAS and the crew at the Policy Center for Roma and Minorities, Ferentari has changed significantly over the past 10 years. Complementing their efforts, the community centre searches for new methods of engaging the community. Through a project, that Dana and Stela recently wrote, they mean to reabilitate Humulești Park, with the support of ARCUB. This is one of the two parks in the Sălaj area that is in need of attention. We hope they manage to apply themselves to all of the projects they’ve envisioned.